Electromagnetic Radiation from Modern Technologies Threatens Biodiversity

“Wireless” radiation is an urgent environmental issue, for re-thinking and actions. The Convention on Biological Diversity pollution prevention Target 7 is one opening for action.
Nations must address this rapidly increasing environmental threat with safer technologies.

Bees & Other Insects

“Wireless” radiation impacts insect growth and behavior, and population levels. Impaired navigation could affect foraging, return to hives, and migration.


Birds’ navigation and reproductive success are impacted by “wireless” radiation. They have abandoned areas following installation of towers.


“Wireless” radiation affects plant growth and biochemistry. Time-line tree photos show leaf margin bleaching then loss and die-back, with higher exposure.

Beyond Birds, Bees & Trees

Research finds effects on other species, such as amphibians, mammals and microbes. Living underground may be protective.

See the science, in our searchable database.

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A brief overview of basic science and research, to understand effects at a distance from sources of radiofrequency radiation


Address wireless radiation as a pollutant under CBD Target 7, implement science-based standards and laws, and improve personal choices

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