OVERVIEW: Electromagnetic Radiation from Modern Technologies and Biodiversity






  • 不断上升的 EMR 环境水平对生物多样性和生态系统健康具有严重影响。 
  • 越来越多的具有多个蜂窝网络天线的结构正在世界范围内安装在城市、农村和荒野地区。小基站天线的密集部署出现在街道两旁。数以千计的电信卫星正在发射,地面站和网络进一步增加了无线辐射暴露。 


  • 国家/联邦法规并非旨在保护动植物免受无线辐射。 
  • According to scientists who specialize in this field, exposure to wireless radiation at ambient levels may well be a co-factor, along with pesticides, habitat loss and climate change. The dramatic worldwide decline of populations of birds, insects and other biota makes this an urgent issue.
  • There is an immediate need to regulate–systematically and thoroughly–anthropogenic non-ionizing radio- and lower-frequency electromagnetic radiation.  


  • 科学研究表明,包括昆虫、鸟类和树木在内的动植物群会受到不利影响。
  • Adverse effects have been observed at ambient and low-intensity levels of exposure, such as from Wi-Fi and cell towers (base stations), as well as at a distance. … in all species that have been studied adequately. 
  • 共同暴露于化学品可能会产生累积和协同效应。 
  • The current roll-out of novel technologies is increasing wireless radiation levels, and also introducing frequencies and modulations never before used in such a widespread manner. 
  • 更高频率的毫米波对传粉者和其他昆虫产生独特的影响,因为信号与它们的小身体产生共振,导致它们的组织吸收更多的能量。   


  • Contact your Ministers and authorities addressing biodiversity, including delegates who attended COP15. These would be your Minister of Environment and associates, as well as independent representatives. Share your concerns with Ministers, authorities, delegates and observers to raise awareness. Share with your community to build support.
  • As your government consults and formulates plans to meet Target 7, request that they include reduction of radiofrequency and low frequency anthropogenic electromagnetic radiation pollution in your country’s plan to meet International Convention on Biodiversity, Target 7.
  • Request that delegates introduce radiofrequency and low frequency anthropogenic electromagnetic radiation pollution during upcoming meetings regarding the International Convention on Biodiversity, Target 7.